Independent Research Provider Members

A Certified Provider Member must attest that they do not derive their revenue primarily from investment banking, underwriting or corporate broking, proprietary trading or market making, management consultancy services for clients other than investors, or from companies that were the subject of this research. Our Euro IRP Membership is listed below. For information about the type of research our members produce please visit our Euro IRP Directory.

13D Global Strategy & Research
4X Global Research Ltd
Absolute Strategy Research
ADA Economics
Agency Partners
Arete Research
Autonomous Research
BBSP Research
BCA Research
BETA Group
Bianco Research
Blue Heron Research Partners
Camdor Global Advisors
Capital Alpha Partners
Capital Economics
ConsumerEdge Research
Continuum Economics
Cornerstone Macro
Costigan Reports Inc.
Creative Global Investments
Creative Portfolios Limited
Credit Rubric
CreditContinuum Ltd
Denny Ellison
Drewry Financial Research Services
ECR Research
Ekins Guinness LLP
Entext Economics & Strategy
Financiële Diensten Amsterdam
Galliano’s Latin Notes Ltd
Geospatial Insight
Green Street Advisors
Harlyn Research
Hiddensee Research Ltd
ID MidCaps
Independent Minds
Independent Strategy
Insight Investment Research
Integer Advisors
Investcafe Independent Research
iRes Independent Financial Research & Advisory
Libra Investment Services
Longview Economics
Lucror Analytics
Macro Thoughts
Management Joint Trust
Manalo Advisors
MDB Insights
Medley Global Advisors
MRB – The Macro Research Board
Nau Securities
Ned Davis Research
New Street Research
Nippon Investment Bespoke Research UK
Omega Analysis
On Field Investment Research LLP
The Organisation for Industry and Economic Research
Orlock Advisors
Pantheon Macroeconomics
Providentia Capital
Sarria - Credit Opportunities in Depth
Seven Days Ahead
Spread Research
TS Lombard
WaveTrack International
Wood Mackenzie
X Y and Zee

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